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An irreplaceable tool in a modern and environmentally friendly kitchen.

How to use IT?

The warmth of your hands makes the wrap flexible and creates a seal, covering your chosen product just like plastic wrap or tin foil, keeping it fresh, but letting the product breathe. Great and Eco-friendly alternative to keep this planet alive. Wrap veggies, fruits, cheese, greens, bread, cover a bowl, or grab snacks on the go.

HOW IT's made?

Our beeswax wraps are made of cotton fabric, local Latvian beeswax, and organic coconut oil.  Every wrap is handmade in our workshop in Riga, Latvia.


Reuse it over and over again. Beeswax wrap can be used for up to one year, depending on usage. When the wrap starts to lose its features, you can renew it with beeswax, or cut it into strips and compost. Beeswax wraps are 100% biodegradable.

NEW - Beeswax candles!

Bzzz...The dark time of the year is approaching, so we have made fragrant and heart-warming news - beeswax candles! 100% natural and 100% encouraging. The melting natural beeswax will fill any space with the charming aroma of propolis, soothing the heart and soul. Let's stay warm!

DIY beeswax wrap kit

Finally, here is the DIY beeswax wrap kit we all have been waiting on! With all, you need to make three beeswax wraps!  You will only need hot iron and the kitchen grinder. The kit includes instructions, cotton fabric, wax mixture and baking paper. 

Especially for bread.

If you bake bread yourself or buy it freshly baked, you already know that it is not easy to keep it fresh. Therefore, especially for all bread lovers, we made a bread bag.  And, by the way, it will also be great for storing fresh greens.

€13.90 €12.90

Bee-day coming?

Every birthday cake deserves beautiful, fragrant and natural birthday figures. Beeswax birthday candles will be a great alternative to paraffin candles, made from 100% natural Latvian beeswax, handmade in our workshop.


If you like DIY projects, or maybe you want to organize a master class for your friends, the product you are looking for is a beeswax mixture for making beeswax wraps. From one of these small pieces, you will be able to make 3 medium-sized wraps. If you have a cotton cloth stuck in your home - maybe it's time to turn it in beeswax wrap and give it a second life!

Gifts for family and friends.

The gift sets will be especially useful if you are looking for small but heartfelt gifts that will be practical in everyday life. Surprise your loved ones with environmentally friendly gifts that are made with love.

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